The furnishings of a room or house are the furniture, curtains, carpets, and decorations such as pictures. Carpet wallpaper fixing and repair. Grass carpet, Tile carpet, Office Blinds. Sofa furniture fixing and repair.Curtain making new and fixing. We have all kinds of new furniture at good prices.

Engage clients in conversation to determine their woodworking needs, and provide them with information on available designs.
• Assist clients in determining sizes and types of the woodwork that they require, for specific places.
• Provide clients with cost estimates of their woodworking projects, and obtain required approvals.
• Create lists of required materials such as wood, nails, and glue, in order to prepare for woodworking tasks.
• Obtain supplies and equipment from vendors and suppliers, ensuring that the right type and amount is received.
• Clean and maintain woodworking tools and equipment on a regular basis, aimed at ensuring that they work properly during project time.

        We are responsible about fit out

  • In charge of overall work activities.
  • Manage to work on multiple projects.
  • Organize work effectively and efferently to ensure timely completion of projects.
  • Organize subcontractors to survey and carry out all stages of work.
  • Ensure good workmanship are carried out for all site works.
  • Able to effectively manage and supervise a team of construction workers.
  • Prepare work schedule, project supervision and documentation.



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