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If you’re here, it’s probably because you’re like us and you’ve dreamed of having a pool for a long time. There’s a reason a swimming pool is an iconic symbol for relaxation, quality time, and status. It’s the ultimate place to bring loved ones and when it comes to throwing a party, there’s no setting that can compete.

But which pool is right for you and what steps do you need to take to make your backyard dream come true? We created this Build a Pool Guide to help you through the steps of pool ownership. Here at we will walk you through every step, from designing your perfect pool, to finding a builder, to pool care, safety, and more. So, let’s get started, Choose a Pool Type, Accessories and Features, Find a Builder, Get Permits, Excavate and Build.

Building pools and fountains :

Hydro Mastertiled swim spa has the capability to give its users the choice of seamlessly switching between exercise and relaxation depending on their needs.

Equipped with a counter current unit, the swim spa enables bathers to swim continuously, in position without the need for a full-length pool, while also having the option for a section of the spa to be fitted with a lounger or seat for relaxing. A Hydro Mastertiled swim spa can be installed as either a skimmer, deck level spa or infinity edge giving the variety and ability to blend with the rest of the spa or pool area as needed...

Hydro Master offers a complete design service providing feasibility studies, outline or detail design preparation using computer aided design facilities, full cost appraisals,detailed specifications and contract documentation for any water feature project.

Maintenance :

If you want to make sure that your swimming pool is clean and healthy, proper maintenance is a must. In this guide, we outline a few simple steps that should be part of your routine. This way, you can maintain a crystal-clear pool with ease and get back to relaxing! When it comes to pool care, keep in mind the three C’s of pool care: Circulation, Cleaning, and Chemistry.

Sefety :

By communicating these pool tips effectively as well as using common sense, your backyard pool can be a safe and pleasurable experience for children as well as adults.

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