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Doha Kwik Span for Metal Works was founded in 2006, the company developed very fast in short period and become one of the oldest leading trading companies in its field in the State of Qatar. The company is specialized in Kwik Span and Polycarbonate System, it's most important fields are to cover the swimming pools, entrances, stores, factories, roofing shades for aircraft, cars buses, trucks, halls for different use (food halls, school exam halls, school playing grounds & sport clubs halls), it's also used for fence of gardens and big projects.

Following are our specialties:

  • Kwik Span (Parking Shade)
  • Polycarbonate System (Shade for Entrance areas, Doors & Windows etc.)
  • Pergola (Shade for Swimming Pools, Lobbies, Halls etc.)
  • Fences (For Roof, Walls & Big Projects)
  • Stainless Steel Fense and  Stair Railing

For further Details & inquiries please:

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WhatsApp or Call On: +974 3311 2411



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